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Bringing happiness to the table (for your happy day)

Our fondest memories here at The Cotswold Kitchen have revolved around or been accompanied by food and sharing it with our friends and family. So, our greatest aspiration for your wedding day is to create fond memories for you, and your friends and family through our food. Bea likes to call this 'Bringing happiness to the table' but then she is quite the romantic!

Food has the power to bring people to a table. It gives them the opportunity to talk (even if only to discuss how good the food tastes!) to laugh and to love - and your wedding day should be all about love. That's why we focus our wedding menus on 'feasts' shared family-style.

There's no food envy at our table, with guests eyeing up each other's plates. Instead, there's a real sense of shared occasion and theatre when there is a banquet laid out before you. Helping to highlight just how special your day is.

Most importantly (other than looking and tasting wonderful of course) is it's a conversation starter. Fantastic when family and friends are thrust together for the first time, 'feasts' can act as an ice-breaker. We're pretty sure many of the best friendships began or grew from questions like 'Would you mind passing me the potatoes please?' or 'Doesn't this lamb taste great?'

Looking for something a little different? We offer many other wonderful styles of wedding food too. From low and slow BBQ to buffets and beyond. You'll find that all have an emphasis on sharing. Creating food that's going to feature in those fond memories of your wedding for years to come.

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